Friday, 12 April 2013


God hears all of our prayers and He loves you very much and when it seems like He is not listening we often feel He doesn’t care but that is simply not true. His response to us may be yes, no or I have something better in mind. Sometimes we don’t agree with the answers He gives us and that’s because we don’t fully understand the way He does things but it’s important not to forget that He always has our best interest in mind and a specific purpose to everything He does.

If He said yes to every prayer then we would not have balance in our lives and we would lack in spiritual growth. If He said no to every prayer then we would not grow to Love and trust Him because we would always feel He has abandoned us. Be patient when praying and be alert for His response and if your prayer seems to have gotten answered differently than what you expected instead of turning your back on Him and getting angry, seek understanding and ask Him to help soften your heart and open your eyes.